The "ins and outs" of Windows and Doors

When I visited my industry colleague and fellow eco-friendly homebuilder Bill Zdon a few months ago at a seaside cottage he’s renovating, he said something something to me that has stuck with me ever since. “Always remember Dave, at the end of the day a window is really just a giant hole in the side of your home,” Bill told me.

Bill is right, and as we move forward in putting together the skeleton of our new home, I have to consider how we are going to fill those giant homes in the side of my new home. Since a tight building envelope is a priority for me when it comes to this project, I want to make sure that we pick the right windows and doors for this project.

There are a lot of different window constructs and styles that I can choose from, and I am going into the selection process armed with a little bit of information from research I did myself beforehand:

     - I will need custom windows for this project, because my home isn’t being built from a stock plan. Custom home plan, custom windows.

     - I don’t have as much flexibility when it comes to the size of the doors - egresses have meet building codes and be able to function correctly during an emergency, and a door that’s too small or too large may not be up to code or may prevent a life-saving escape in an emergency. However, I have some latitude when it comes to the materials I pick for the doors. From pre-finished solid wood to metal or fiberglass, there’s no doubt that my choice of material will have a significant impact on the home’s final R value.

     - There are quite a few styles of windows to choose from - single or double-hung, center bar or true arch, casement or sliders. Obviously aesthetics is a big factor for my wife and I, but if I can get a window style I like and boost the energy efficiency and comfort of our new home then that will help me meet our project goals.

To learn the “ins and outs” of windows and doors (no pun intended), I am working with David Lee of Rings End Lumber in Niantic, Connecticut. David is a veteran salesman of interior and exterior windows, doors and accessories and as such knows his products inside out. I am very optimistic that my meetings with him will be productive and contribute towards the success of my project.

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