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Whether you’re a contractor, architect, licensed professional, or an eco-friendly enthusiast, I am happy to welcome you to the Green Comfort Blog. My name is Dave Sweet, and I am an experienced eco-friendly homeowner/builder. I’ve been building environmentally-friendly homes since the 1980s, incorporating features like radiant heating, photovoltaic solar arrays, and unconventional framing and wall construction into homes that my family and I have lived in, so that we can live comfortably and be better stewards of our environment. 

Some people might think building an eco-friendly home is time-consuming, expensive, or both, but sometimes our conceptions scare us off from attempting a project that actually ends up being easier and more beneficial than we think. The reason I’ve chosen to document the whole process from start to finish is to show you how anyone can achieve a balance between living in comfort and being environmentally friendly. When it comes to building an eco-friendly home, it’s all about the process - I want each of you to be able to conquer it, learn a great deal, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Each video episode that’s featured on this blog covers a different aspect of my eco-friendly home building process, in a linear fashion. As you follow along, you’ll be able to form your own blueprint of how to embark on a project like this and see it through to completion. You’ll have the chance to be a part of some great discussions about a variety of topics concerning a project like this, and interact with some of the experts who are helping me along the way. Your participation will enrich the conversation and contribute to the web of knowledge and expertise, without which a blog like this wouldn’t be possible.

Joining the conversation is easy. Ask questions, exchange ideas, share resources, and more! I encourage you to be a part of this community, and share your experiences. In the meantime, enjoy this blog and all it has to offer!

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  • Dave Sweet
    David, we still haven’t worked out all of the details but solar thermal is definitely something we are considering. At this point we plan to have over 40 solar panels on the section of our roof that will be facing the sun. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on our progress.
  • Richard McGrath
    David , Good comment . I would like to throw out there that everyone start thinking about using the term , "Site Derived " to distinguish the difference from produced . W/W heat pump with 70* water EWTs and solar thermal with storage can have SYSTEM COPs of north of 15 .
  • David Wilson
    Where’s the solar thermal system? It’s a perfect match with radiant heating, and using DC pumps, requires no external energy to operate. This goes a long way towards the goal of achieving net zero, collects thermal energy produced on site with PV energy produced on site, lowering the grid energy used by the home- energy that doesn’t need to be “netted” out.
  • Dave Sweet
    Hello Everyone! Thank you to all for joining the blog and sending me your comments. I am excited about meeting you “virtually” and learning more about the projects you are currently working on. The idea is to learn together and share best practices along the way!
  • David Ohlmer
    An alternative to geothermal worth investigating is an air to water heat pump.
  • Jay Egg
    I got to meet Dave Sweet at the AHR Expo in Orlando, and I’m excited to watch this project develop. My goal is to help convince Dave that he should go with a geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal is renewable energy; real solar energy harvested from the earth. The systems are all indoors, long lasting, quiet and super dependable, not mention the most efficient systems on the market.

    Dave is a smart guy, so I know that we’ll make geothermal happen for him. But will he choose radiant floors, forced air, chilled beams, or a combination? What about smart controls? And, I wonder what type of ground loop will work best where he’s building? Time will tell!
  • Richard McGrath
    Dave, Will this be undertaken as an Integrated Design Project ? No better way to save time , get everyone on the same page and reach the best result .
  • Ansley Houston
    In the process of building my 4th house and new home for my family. I’m the GC, trim carpenter, plumber, etc…even the clean up crew. Over the last 6 years, I have learned tons about energy efficiency and green building and ready to apply it. My goal is an electric bill under $100 in GA in the summer. Need advice on spray foam insulation. Using mini splits, and Rinnai DV heaters and tankless, of course. It’s going to be a fun spring and summer!
  • David Ohlmer
    Currently working on a near or net zero home that will incorporate a whole building integrated design. This will be my first energy efficient home but is my sixth major home remodel.
  • Dave Sweet
    Ruben, thank you for joining us! Glad you are interested.
  • Ruben Escobedo
    I think this is great idea!!