Turning up the heat

There’s always a trade-off to doing drywall during the wintertime. I want to be able to finish off the taping process quickly, but it needs to be warm enough inside my house for the installation to go smoothly.

As part of my commitment to keeping this project eco-friendly, I’m trying not to use kerosene or fossil-fuel powered heaters inside while we tape. While my multi-zone primary heating system is under construction, I’ve devised a stop-gap solution to keep the temperatures inside my new home reasonable.

Behind my garage, I’ve installed a SANDEN CO2 heat pump water heater. I’m a big fan of these units because instead of using regular hydrocarbons or refrigerants, it uses CO2 as a refrigerant, which is much better for the environment. The unit is highly efficient, with a COP of 4.5 - phenomenal for an air to water heat pump device. This unit will silently purr away and keep us from freezing as we cement the drywall into place. I plan to keep the SANDEN unit as a backup for my domestic hot water, just in case.

My primary heating system is about 50 percent complete, but once it’s done it’s going to be fantastic. For the primary system, I’’m incorporating Taco’s VR1816 00e® Series for air handler and underfloor heating functions. The 00e® is the right choice for this project, since I want to be able to dial in the exact flow that I need.

For the air handlers, we have individual circulators that feed a specific air handler for dedicated high-efficiency. For the underfloor system, I’m using individual circulators for different zones. This way, I can have different temperatures per zone - this will help me maximize my indoor comfort. If I want to have the bathroom be a different temperature than the living room, that’s no problem at all with the system I’m installing.

My control center is modular, compact and serviceable. The 00e® series has a small footprint, which means that I could hypothetically have as many zones as I want.

I’ll post again about this system once it’s a bit more complete, but this way you get a sneak preview of what’s really going to add value to achieving the indoor comfort that I set out for at the beginning of the project.

What do you think about my heating system as it stands so far? Join the conversation and let us know!

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  • Davina Fogel
    Love the plan! Curious as to where you got the Sanden units from? We just bought an home outside Hartford and it is still on an oil boiler and fin radiators. We love the latter and want to get rid of the former. Would really like to know whether there are installers for Sanden in CT?
  • Jasmin St-Laurent
  • Dave Sweet