AHR2018 - Industry change and new regulations

Now is a critical time for the HVAC-R industry as education about energy usage and efficiency spreads and the U.S. government moves to regulate commercial and residential pumps.

This became especially apparent to me at this year’s AHR Expo, where I noticed that many companies had products on display that had a new addition to them - an efficiency label produced by the Hydraulic Institute.

The Institute’s new labels are sort of like the efficiency labels that you sometimes see on consumer products, except they’re for commercial products that aren’t sold in stores. This is a big deal for the industry, because the new efficiency labels offer an apples-to-apples comparison of different pumps and enable the downstream partners of pump manufacturers to identify energy efficient pumps and make the choice that’s right for their system.

I am pleased to bring you an in-depth conversation I had with the man instrumental in making this happen, Mark Chaffee. Mark is Taco’s VP of Governmental Relations and Sustainability and has been working on this labeling system since 2011, when the U.S. Department of Energy announced its intention to regulate commercial and residential pumps.

From the very beginning, Taco has been an early adopter of high-efficiency plumbing products, systems and drives with its ECM technology. Energy efficient commercial pumps are becoming the rule rather than the exception, and Taco is leading the charge.

I would highly recommend watching the entire interview - the Hydraulic Institute’s energy rating system will become common terminology in the marketplace beginning this year. Soon, residential circulators may contain similar labels, so this is definitely worth a watch.

What do you think about the new pump energy efficiency rating tags? Join the conversation and let us know!

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  • Dave Sweet