Seasons Greetings

As construction continues on our new eco-friendly home, my wife and I are waiting it out in a tiny saltbox cottage near the bottom of the Connecticut river. Over the years, Debbie and I have lived in a number of different "temporary" houses during our construction projects, and it's been an interesting and educational experience. I've lived in two-story colonial homes, bungalows, saltboxes, and cape cod style homes - each place I've lived has had a unique character to it, and in many cases I have shaped the character of those homes by adding onto them or doing renovations.

This project is something my wife and I are truly excited about because it encompasses a total application of my knowledge and the experience of everyone we are working with on it.

Thank you for following along so far and being a part of something fun and educational, and for helping me towards completing my quest of balancing energy efficiency and green comfort.

Stay tuned and have a happy new year!

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