Special feature - BuildingEnergy Boston

There’s nothing quite like a sustainability conference - as someone who’s interested in all facets of green building, I’ve found myself walking the show floor of various conferences more than a few times. One conference I really like is BuildingEnergy Boston - at this year’s show, I got to meet some other high performance builders and folks from the industry to trade stories with and learn the latest from.

One particular company that interested me at this year’s show is SANDEN. They manufacture scroll compressors and high-performance heat pump water heaters - I actually have one of their heat pump water heaters installed at my new home, so I’m pretty excited that I got to meet some folks from the company that built one of my home’s key components. I got to speak with John Miles of SANDEN International, who shared with me some good information about the systems they’re making.

These small units are becoming more common in different construction applications. If you like the idea of of an energy efficient alternative to an electric or gas water heater, these systems have a lot of potential to save money and they eliminate the production of carbon monoxide. Check out our conversation and tell us what you think!


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