Q&A - Protecting your investment

It’s hard to put a price on the time and effort that I’ve put into building my new home so far. Some people have told me that when it comes to a project like this, there is no greater investment you can make than the time you spend on the project itself. Indeed, from all of the man hours I’ve spent consulting with licensed professionals to the hours I spend each week at the job site, a project like this definitely requires a significant time commitment.

Just like any other home builder, I worry about unforeseen circumstances affecting my project. These circumstances can range from a colder than usual winter, theft of materials, and unscrupulous contractors to fires, floods and other natural disasters. It’s completely necessary to my wits about me and an eye to the sky.

I want my new home to last a long time, so I’m curious to see if any of you homeowners or homebuilders out there have any recommendations for any one of these scenarios. I think sharing information like this is one of the most powerful things anyone can do to protect their investment, as well as the time and effort you put into a project.

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