Q&A: Online Resources

There are so many places to turn to for information about building an eco-friendly home, whether you’re consulting with an expert, reading a “how to” book, or looking for resources online.

Throughout my experience in this home building project, I’ve learned of a few websites that provide good, solid information on items of importance for my project, with information that’s both educational and influential in my decision making process. One good place to go for information is Energize Connecticut’s website. Energize Connecticut provides information about different energy options, contractors, and renewable energy. I’ve found this website to be an invaluable resource that has helped push me in the right direction.

I’m always looking for other good websites that have good, credible information or stories that I can relate to. If you or anyone you know has benefited from a particular resource, I’d like to know about it. Leave a comment below and share your knowledge, so that we can build the best eco-friendly home possible.

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