Q&A - Managing your project in the best way

Through the course of this blog so far, I've written some zany analogies about building a new home. I've compared it to being the conductor in a symphony orchestra, because all the parts of your project must work well together in order to assure optimal and predictable results.

I think it's more than that, though - I think that having a home-building project go well also requires a certain degree of emotional intelligence. I have a friend whose family grew up with an African Grey Parrot - if you're not familiar with these majestic animals, these parrots are highly intelligent and require constant time and attention from their owners. My friend's family showered the bird in love and attention, and in return the bird sang and made the house a happy place to be.

Like the African Grey, a home-building project is long-lived experience and potentially a life-long companion - if you plan to live in the house you build, then I think it's important to build with heart - treat the people you work with well, and they'll make your house a happy place to be. Love your project, and it will love you back.

I hope my tip helps some of you to have great home-building projects. What's your advice for managing a project in the best way possible? Join the conversation and let us know!

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