Q&A - Hiring the right people for the job

So far in our homebuilding project, we’ve already had the pleasure of working with a number of professionals, including an architect team, a land surveyor, an expert on green building financial incentives, and our town’s building inspector.

The keyword here, at least for me, is “pleasure”. I know enough from my experience that no homebuilder is an island - that is, working well with the experts whose help I enlist for my project and taking their advice when I need to is key to the project’s overall success.

When I’m looking for licensed professionals to do business with, generally I look for people who are knowledgable, who will listen, and who will help guide me when necessary but also take into account my needs and desires for the project. If all goes well, I may enlist the help of these professionals again if I have a project in the future, and recommend them to friends and family who are embarking on similar ventures.

What qualities do you look for in the licensed professionals you hire for a job? Join the conversation below and let us know!

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