Q&A - Doing a solid for the Earth

One of my biggest goals with this project has been to reduce, whenever possible, my impact on the environment during all of the stages of my project. If you remember back to the very first episode, I walked through the woods on my property and made a promise to myself to keep sustainability in mind for the project.

I'd like to say that I've done a fairly good job at this so far. When I cleared a portion of my 2.2 acre parcel to begin building, I tried to minimize the need to remove trees and other vegetation from the property. When it came time to start building, I used a lot of recycled commercial grade insulation for the building envelope.

The real savings and benefits for planet Earth will come when the home is completed, and I can minimize my use of fossil fuel powered electricity by utilizing PV solar panels for a lot of our electricity. I may not be living "off the grid", but maybe "off the electrical grid" or a variation thereof would be a more appropriate term.

I'm still curious about using recycled materials for a project, though. I wonder how many other people do the same thing, and what kind of an impact it has on protecting our environment. A lot of my contractor friends prefer to buy new, but I know that there are a lot of materials out there that can be reused.

So, that's why I'd like to hear from you - when it comes to using recycled materials for a project, what are some best practices that have helped you? Join the conversation and let us know!

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