Q&A - Choosing the best insulation

The insulation construction techniques I am using in my homebuilding project are one of the highlights of this project. I know that once our new home is completed, a tight building envelope will keep us cool during the summer and warm during the winter at minimal cost to the environment and my wallet.

Coming up with the right system of insulation for our new home required quite a bit of forethought - I plan on using a continuous layer of insulation from the foundation to the roof deck, and back down to the foundation. I designed the majority of this system myself based on experiences I've had building other homes as well as research into the climate of Connecticut, the area where my new home is being built, and my goal of living in a comfortable, sustainable home.

In order to show you what I have planned for insulation and wall construction, I have created a detailed diagram of each layer. Click the "read more" button to see it.

This comprehensive diagram includes every layer of construction that I plan to include in the frame of our new home, from the cool roof all the way down to the foundation walls. As you can see, I have tried to account for every variable that could affect the comfort quality or energy efficiency of our new home.

This system will make it possible to build a home with an extremely low "R" value - if you remember from last week's episode, we will be very close to a net-zero energy home once construction is complete.

What insulation would you use on a home like this, or on home you've constructed or plan to construct? What do you think about the system I've designed? Join the conversation and let us know!

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