Q&A - Building value in your project

There's no doubt that in a complicated homebuilding project, the professionals I enlist to help me with certain parts of it hold the keys to the kingdom when it comes to being able to perform certain functions for the project that I can't do myself. Throughout my eco-friendly homebuilding quest, a few items of this nature have cropped up so far - namely, the overall design of the house, clearing the land, and pouring a foundation.

Later on in the project, there will be many items that I can do myself such as portions of the wall construction and framing, installing insulation, building lattices for the windows, and installing air conditioning systems. When I think of all the important project components that professionals have helped me with, though, I realize that the home we are building truly is a mosaic of the efforts that everyone who works on it, including myself, contributes to.

Sometimes, a licensed professional goes above and beyond the call of duty - maybe they share with you some insights about your project. They might explain some details about how the work they are doing fits in with the rest of the project, or they might catch something that needs to be fixed or could be improved.

Thinking along those lines, what's the most important or memorable thing a licensed professional has done for you in terms of the construction of your home? Join the conversation and let us know!

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