Q&A - Avoiding pitfalls in the homebuilding process

Sometimes, I think of building a home like going on a very expensive whitewater rafting trip. The river is the whole project, which flows in one direction - from inception to conclusion. The raft is my plan of action - everything that I do to support the project, my level of involvement, and contingency plans help strengthen my craft. My oars are my ability to communicate - I "row the raft" by using email, a mobile device, or in-person communication to facilitate the dialogue between me and the other knowledgeable professionals who assist in the process.

If you've ever gone whitewater rafting, then you know that once you're in the boat going down the river that you'll have to make a lot of decisions on the fly. Sometimes, you can't really slow down and remain in a particular section of the river for too long and other times, your raft might get nudged by a rock that crops up along the way.

As I get ready to work with foundation contractor Mike Evangelesti on pouring the foundation, I'd love to hear a few words of inspiration from you all - what pitfalls should I look out for going forward? What did you do to make your home building project a great success? Join the conversation and let us know!

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