Q&A: Useful experts and homebuilding professionals

If you’re anything like me, you like to consult with as many experts and licensed professionals as possible during the course of a major project, especially when it comes to building an eco-friendly home.

From the land surveyor to your town officials and contractors, each professional you work with during the various stages of your project will have something unique to offer to your homebuilding process. Many professionals you’ll work with have many years of experience, and you can learn something from each of them.

For this week’s Q&A, I’d like to know who the most useful expert has been to you when it comes to homebuilding projects. If you have built an eco-friendly home or are building one, what were some of the most important takeaways for you from your consultations? Who do you think the most important person to learn from is, or are they all important?

Leave your comment below, and help my wife and I make this eco-friendly homebuilding project one we can learn from and remember for the rest of our lives.

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