Picking up advanced knowledge

I always like to keep tabs on what other eco-friendly homebuilders are doing here in Connecticut. Even though I’m pretty particular about what I’m doing for my own project, I like when somebody takes a novel approach to building a home or incorporates features into their structure that I may have glossed over or not thought of.

The Connecticut Green Building Council has a design and build competition for folks who want to build eco-friendly homes. Contenders try to build homes that don’t consume a lot of energy, produce their own power on site, have lower emissions, and the like. The Council awards cash prizes to its winners and provides educational materials to other people who attend the show and read about it online.

I’m looking forward to attending next week’s awards ceremony for the 2016 winner. I went to last year’s awards ceremony and spoke to the Torcellini family, who were tied for top prize. During my conversation with Paul and Julia, I learned that the devil’s in the details - for example, Julia picked her kitchen countertops because they were manufactured using toxin-free processes and did not contain materials that give off a “new counter smell” odor, which she said can be toxic.

I can’t wait to see what I learn from this year’s event. The awards ceremony is on Thursday, April 20. You can find details about it here.

Our Q&A for this week is related to my quest for advanced knowledge. There are a lot of online resources out there that cover the fundamentals about eco-friendly homebuilding. But, I can’t help but think about my experience with the Torcellinis last year, when I got to hear Paul’s words of wisdom and meet his family, who are ultimately the beneficiaries of Paul’s advanced knowledge.

Where can I go to pick up some advanced, maybe obscure knowledge about eco-friendly homebuilding? Is there anything off the beaten path that you would recommend? Join the conversation and let us know!

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