A visit to the Energize CT Center

We are just about to get going on what I consider to be the “meat” of the project - for me, that’s the framing and wall construction process. The construction of my new home’s outer shell will be a primary determinant of how much we are able to lower our carbon footprint and how much energy we will save.

I can’t let my excitement about building the skeleton of our new home and installing the associated insulation panels and layers overshadow other elements that are just as important. Once the framing/wall construction process is complete, we’ll pretty much immediately move to the next stage of the process - installing solar panels, electrical systems and mechanical systems. Since that won’t happen for at least a few months, I have a good opportunity to make some decisions now so that I am prepared when the time comes.

Before I make any decisions about things like lighting, mechanical systems, kitchen appliances and roofing materials, I want to be as educated as I can about the various options that are available to me and make the best choices possible. Since building eco-friendly and maintaining indoor comfort are equally important to me, I know that every assessment of each option is important.

Since we live in Connecticut, I have the great fortune of having an excellent resource to turn to for education about these matters. The Energize CT Center in North Haven offers a complete educational tour with interactive exhibits about many of the items I need to make decisions about for my project.

I am lucky enough to have Jennifer Parsons there to show me around - she came out to our 2.2 acre parcel a few months ago to talk about energy efficiency programs and other incentives. I am excited to learn what she has to teach and go over some of my updated blueprints and energy efficiency plans.

Do you have any tips on things to pay special attention as I begin planning for the next stage of our homebuilding process? Join the conversation and let us know!

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