Video Chat with Dr. Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard

As I move forward in my homebuilding journey, I know that there are a lot of techniques I can use to build my eco-friendly home. I want to insulate my home so that it has the highest R value possible, and ensure that the other details of its construction are as eco-friendly as possible, including the roofing, flashing, exterior, windows and doors. I know that every step of the way, it all comes down to the details. Every step will add up and contribute something meaningful to the big picture.

As an eco-friendly homeowner/builder, I’ve always tried to expand my knowledge whenever I can. That’s why every year that I can, I travel to the AHR expo. This trade show is a destination for HVAC professionals to meet, network, and learn from each other. The experts I’ve met in the air conditioning, heating and cooling industries have helped shape my understanding of what an eco-friendly building needs in terms of heating and cooling, and what kinds of decisions need to be made beforehand. I know that the HVAC system I choose for my home will have a big impact on our energy savings, and is a choice that could make or break my goal to have this new home be as eco-friendly as possible.

At AHR 2016 in Orlando, I got a chance to sit down with a few HVAC professionals and industry experts to talk with them about my project - I am sharing these conversations with you so that you can learn from them too. There are three of these segments, and I’ll be sharing the others with you as we get further along in our project. 
The first of these conversations is with Dr. Allison Bailes, an expert in green home building and the founder and president of Energy Vanguard. His insights into my eco-friendly undertaking will definitely be useful as we get going in the project, and I hope that his knowledge will be useful for you too.

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  • Dave Sweet
    Thank you, Jay. It’s important to take everything into consideration right from the beginning. Stay tuned and watch our progress unfold!
  • Jay Egg
    Remarkable insights into home building envelopes and treating the home as “A Complete System”. Loved it!