Dave's Tips - The ground up starts with the top down

In my experience, planning a homebuilding project almost never progresses in a linear fashion. While the execution of the project may proceed from a "point a to point b" way - beginning with the planning process, consultations with an architect firm, selecting materials and building the home - the order in which you plan the details of each stage of your project may not.

When I began thinking about what kind of home I wanted to build, I started by picturing what it would be like to walk through the door of my finished home. I imagined what kind of energy-saving features I would like to be greeted by when I walk through the front door, where I wanted the kitchen and dining room to be positioned, and other things like that.

Having a generally clear idea in my head of what I wanted the final product to look and feel like has helped me develop better plans for the earlier stages of my project. Working backwards to me means understanding what my goal is, and then breaking it down into units that can be planned independently.

A home-building project is a lot like a complicated dessert recipe - the selection and timing of the application of ingredients is very important. I know that as the "executive chef", the right methodology behind my planning can make a project smooth sailing.

What's your process for getting a major project like this underway to completion? Join the conversation and let us know!

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