Dave's Tips - Managing your time

There's no doubt in my mind that the pace of life seems to have sped up. In the age of the mobile device, we are gradually becoming accustomed to doing things in seconds that used to take minutes or hours, or even days. I've found that as time has gone on and technology has developed, I've simultaneously developed an appreciation for managing my time effectively.

To me, effective time management encompasses a number of different principles - obviously, setting aside enough time each day to accomplish all of the tasks that I need is a start. In order to do that, however, I need to decide which tasks are important to me, and how many of them per day I want to do. In short, the style in which I manage my time boils down to making choices about how I want to live.

One choice that I made early on in my life was not to be passive about this, because as time has gone on I've seen many friends get swept up in a faster pace of life. In between performing tasks and working, I like to take breaks. I'm also into cycling and being outdoors. Both of these things deliver value to the time I spend working and managing projects in the form of mental health benefits.

As you read this you might be thinking, "Dave, why are you writing about all of this?" The reason I think managing time effectively every day is important is because the days add up and turn into months, which in turn add up into years. As far as my eco-friendly home goes, the project is a long-term exercise in time management. In my busy life, I have to manage a full-time job, manage a detailed home construction project, and make sure to take enough time to spend with my wife, children and friends and on top of that, make sure that the time I spend with my family and friends is quality time.

I think that managing your time effectively can lead to better outcomes personally and professionally, and is critical to building a good home. I encourage all of you to take a few minutes and think about whether or not you are managing your time effectively and think about how the answer to that question affects the value you deliver to yourself.


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