Dave's Tips - Exercises in homebuilding readiness

Unforeseen items can come up during the course of any homebuilding project. Any number of plot twists can come up during the course of construction - from weather-related to logistics to unexpected costs. Some are relatively minor, and others can significantly affect your project timeline.

As my home nears completion, I find myself thinking back to some of the times during my project when I had to make adjustments to my plan or find a different way to do things. During the framing stage of my project, I discovered that I couldn't determine the elevation needed to complete framing between the main part of the house and the garage. Luckily, I was able to find a workaround relatively quickly thanks to my friends over at Point One Architects - having a network of experts to fall back on is a crucial piece to the puzzle and can help you make the best of a situation.

If you are dealing with an unexpected roadblock in your project or a cost that you didn't anticipate, my advice is to remain calm and take some time to assess the situation. Homebuilding is a system, and so is problem-solving. Being able to think on your feet is important, but being methodical about your plan and the associated problem solving that's sometimes needed can turn a good project into a great one.

What are some unexpected items that have come up for you during your project? Join the conversation and let us know!

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