Consulting engineers - a critical project resource

There are a myriad of advantages to using the skills of an engineer for some of all of the portions of your homebuilding project. Sometimes your town may require a particular system in your new home to be an “engineered system” — for example, I am considering installing a sprinkler system in my new home, for which I’d have to have an engineer design it and provide plans and diagrams to the town.

Other times, engineers are useful to consult with when you want to verify that a system will work correctly, or you want expertise on an area of your project that you may not have as much experience with. Some engineers are employed directly by industrial companies, state agencies, or construction firms. Other engineers are more like “free agents” and consult on projects as needed by third party individuals or companies.

Through my experiences in home construction, I’ve learned to always know where I stand when it comes to knowing what I can do myself and what areas of a project that I should consult with professionals for. Whether it’s to meet building codes or out of some other necessity, engineers in consulting engineering companies provide a vital service through the independent expertise they offer.

For my project, I knew that I would need the services of a consulting engineering firm, and so I sought out who I consider to be the very best people who can help me accomplish my project goals.

George Keithan of Consulting Engineering Services has been an asset to my project from the very beginning. When my wife and I decided we wanted to install 42 photovoltaic solar panels on our rooftop, I knew that we would need his firm’s services to make sure the design is effective and long-lasting.

I also knew that I would need help engineering a tight building envelope and energy-efficient insulation system - even though I had some advanced knowledge of these subjects, Consulting Engineering Services provided me with the expertise I need to coordinate logistics and methods to accomplish my engineering goals.

George’s firm helped me determine how to position my new home to take maximum advantage of the sun’s relative position to my property. In this episode, I decided to pay him a visit at their main office in Middletown, Connecticut to learn what my preliminary home energy rating (HERS index) is for my project.

George’s firm specializes in eco-friendly, energy-efficient construction and employs over 95 people in multiple states. I would highly recommend consulting with them on any energy-efficient homebuilding project.

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