Comfort at the push of a button

Everybody remembers the stereotypical “home of tomorrow” reels from the 1950s. We’ve all seen them at one point or another. The ones that showcase how all of your home conveniences will one day be a push of a button away, all in stunning grainy black and white photography. Or technicolor.

Over the years, many of the home conveniences that people envisioned 50 years ago have come true, perhaps not exactly in the way that people at the time envisioned. I don’t think anyone could have pictured the rise of the internet and a world of connected devices, but here it is. Want to control the temperature in your home at the push of a button? You can do that. The button may not be made of steel on a control board the size of a refrigerator chest, but that’s okay.

As far as today’s home automation industry goes, it can be a mind-boggling experience to try and wade through all the different options that are available. Before I make any final decisions about what to automate, I have to ask myself a few important questions. What do I want to automate? What makes the most sense? Is home automation worth spending money on?

I am a gadget guy, but I like my gadgets to be functional and not overwhelming. So, the answer to my first question is I want to automate the lighting, maybe our shades, and our HVAC equipment. I think it makes sense for me to be able to have a bird’s eye view of the temperature and mechanical systems inside of my new home and be able to change it at any time. Automating elements of my home like the lighting and the shades are conveniences that will make our lives easier and the home more comfortable to live in.

To learn more about home automation and what’s involved, I’ve enlisted the help of with Gerard Lynch of System 7. Gerry has been working in the home automation business for many years and is an expert on planning automation from start to finish. One of my big takeaways from Gerry was that there’s a lot that goes into creating the systems that automate portions of my home, but that it’s a manageable task as long as I break the process down into smaller portions.

I plan on meeting up with Gerry a few more times through the course of my project. As we get closer to completing our new home, I’ll have some updates for you on our home automation progress. Have you automated portions of your home? How do you like it? Join the conversation and let us know!

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  • Dave Sweet