Beachstone at BuildingEnergy Boston 2017

Trade shows and conventions are a great place to meet people and network with folks who appreciate the same things that I do. As an eco-friendly homeowner/builder, anyone who builds a product that reduces carbon footprint and improve people's lives is someone I'm interested in striking up a conversation with.

I went to the BuildingEnergy Boston 2017 show for two main reasons. The first reason is because I like to learn from as many people as I can at the show and bring new knowledge back to my job site. The second reason is because I'm always on the hunt for products that intrigue me. While I don't sell products, I specialize in the design of electronic control systems. So, I know a thing or two about the general design process. That means that I have a deeper appreciation for when I meet someone selling a truly interesting product.

One company that I came across that fascinated me is called Beachstone Sustainable Products. This company manages to combine resourcefulness, available materials, and proprietary knowledge to create a product that looks nice and benefits the environment by removing glass from the waste stream. Beachstone takes seashells and post-consumer glass containers and combines them to create an eco-friendly countertop surface. I got to check out a few samples, and I'm definitely thinking about using Beachstone for my project.

The man behind Beachstone, Aron Buterbaugh, started the company because he wanted to make a difference for the environment and saw a market for these types of counter tops. It's rare to find a company that covers so many angles, but the surfaces that Beachstone makes are beautiful. I highly recommend visiting their website and taking a look through their pictures!

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