Ready for Dave's HVAC Challenge? 


On this page, you'll find key information about Dave's house, including floor plans, heat loss/heat gain analysis, type of wall construction, insulation, and more. You'll also a get the feel about this project. 

Need further information to help you devise a solution? Ask any questions about this project in the comments sections. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you again for participation. 

Download the following documents for your reference: 
    • Insulation: very low infiltration rate with 2 layers of ridge insulation staggered and taped.
    • R40 walls, R60-70 roof
    • R20 basement wall and R10 basement slab
    • .30 U factor windows and door glass
    • Garage and future room above are standard 2x6 walls with R20 & R30 ceiling
    • Renewables; PV and solar thermal
    • Heat recovery ventilator



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