The Journey Begins!

There are a myriad of ways to build a home, but only a few building methods can truly balance being environmentally friendly with comfort and ease. We are on a mission to build a home that achieves this delicate balance, so that our family can live in comfort while reducing ecological footprint and saving money. We invite you to join us through this journey, from the planning stages all the way to a finished home, with a web of knowledgable experts to help along the way! 


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Welcome to Green Comfort Blog!

Whether you’re a contractor, architect, licensed professional, or an eco-friendly enthusiast, I am happy to welcome you to the Green Comfort Blog. My name is Dave Sweet, and I am an experienced eco-friendly homeowner/builder. I’ve been building environmentally-friendly homes since the 1980s, incorporating features like radiant heating, photovoltaic solar arrays, and unconventional framing and wall construction into homes that my family and I have lived in, so that we can live comfortably and be better stewards of our environment. 

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